It’s like he was telling us he like his ass ate all along. We just didn’t listen.

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Zayn arriving at Chiltern Firehouse in London. 7/31

Zayn arriving at Chiltern Firehouse in London. 7/31

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Neon Jungle at Key 103 Radio in Manchester - July 29th

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Grunge Softener


Grunge Softener

"I’m losing control. The room is spinning, my hands are shaking, and I don’t know what to do. Everyone says that I am so damn strong, but they don’t know what goes on inside of me. They don’t know the person I’ve become. Hell, I don’t even know the person I’ve become. I’ve lost sight of who I am, and I don’t like the person I’ve turned into. I want to crawl out of my own skin, because it is no longer my own. It is merely a cage, and I am suffocating."
- "I apologize. This is rubbish." (188/365) by (DS)
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by fchan

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Football Meme : Eden Hazard

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Everybody needs to chill with this Banks/Neon Jungle situation tbh. Both are talented new artists and its clear there was miscommunication (or negligence) between label and artist. I think it’s pretty obvious the girls wouldn’t and didn’t intend to “steal” Waiting Game.

The song had previously been released on Banks’ pretty popular EP. Its not as if NJ snuck into Banks’ studio session and swiped the song. Chill.

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are ppl being deliberately dumb re: this banks/neon jungle business 

seems like tbh. Both artists are fucked over in this situation. Was handled poorly by label and management. Everybody need to chill.

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